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In the Middle Ages, a noble family was called Hunawihr. Its members were closely related to the powerful lords of Ribeaupierre, from whom they held a fief as an estate. The oldest known mention dates back to 1279

During the Middle Ages and until the Reformation, the pilgrimage to the tomb of Saint Hune who was then in the parish church was very busy. At the beginning of the 16th century, at the request of Duke Ulrich of Württemberg and the inhabitants of Hunawihr, Pope Leo X charged the bishop of Basel "to raise the body of the blessed Hune" with the ceremonial in use for the saints. The ceremony took place on April 15, 1520.

Around 1534, the Reformation won Hunawihr. The Lutheran cult was imposed from 1559. There will be no more Catholic worship in Hunawihr until 1687.

During the second half of the 16th century and the beginning of the 17th century, the wine trade was booming. But suddenly, in 1610, the plague appeared and caused the death of a large part of the population in Hunawihr.

Then followed a difficult period with the Thirty Years' War and successive invasions.

Since the seventeenth century, the simultaneity of Protestant and Catholic cults will be a source of discord between the inhabitants of Hunawihr. Disputes between the villagers will even be brought before the king in Paris.

 In the nineteenth century, important renovations of the church and the fortifications that surround it will be carried out. The church was classified in March 1972. The church is then renovated from the year 1985. The murals are restored in 1987-88.



It is located in the center of the village next to the town hall and it is open every morning including Sunday: you will find a little of everything including fresh bread and food products as well as the press and the post office.

Restaurant: You have three restaurants:

Suzel: near the fountain; facing the town hall.

The Vigneron's cellar located in the main street

the O Berge: near the stork park at the entrance of the village

the Grognard at Riquewihr

other restaurant suggestions

Super markets:

In Ribeauvillé direction Strasbourg center E. Leclerc

To Colmar 10km from Hunawihr supermarket Cora

Doctors, pharmacists dentists etc. .......

In Ribeauvillé you will find everything you need: consult the yellow pages of the directory

for your mountain bike tours visit the site:

                                                       and to rent them: WWW.BIKEAIR.FR

all about the region: Pays de Ribeauvillé-Riquewihr Tour

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